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1326 Staking Plan

The 1326 Staking Plan is a sequence based staking plan. The sequence used is in the name. It is similar to other staking plans such as the parlay and fibonacci staking plan. If you win the bet, you move up one in the sequence. If you lose, you go back to the beginning. If you reach the end of the sequence, you stand to make a very good profit.   

In simple terms -
• The first bet you make is 1 unit
• The second bet is 3 units
• The third bet is 2 units
• The fourth bet is 6 units.
Let’s look at a working example by setting each unit at £10 and each win at even odds:
• The first bet is 1 unit which equals £10. Let's say this bet loses. The sequence starts again. The next bet is still the first bet and is still 1 unit.
• The first bet is still 1 unit which still equals £10. This time the bet wins. This means the next bet is 3 units.
• The second bet of the current series is 3 units which is £30. Let's say this bet wins as well. The next bet is 2 units.
• The third bet of the current series is £20. Let’s say this bet loses. The series re-starts and the next bet reverts back to the start of the series. 1 unit. £10.
If you were to win 4 bets in a row you would make a substantial profit. The example shown uses level odds but in horse racing the odds are usually greater meaning that profits are often created and banked on each bet.

In TSM there are variations available of the above. At default the initial stake is constant throughout. The picture below shows the settings available for 1326 Staking Plan in TSM.

1326 Staking Plan Settings

Your initial stake is set as a percentage of your chosen start bank. If you do not use any other settings your initial stake will be constant. There is also a ratchet mode option and a last bet <LB> option. You can not use both of the above at the same time.

Ratchet Mode - In ratchet mode your stake is calculated as a percentage of your cumulative total. The initial stake increases everytime your cumulative total reaches a new high. The initial stake will never decrease. The picture below shows how the ratchet mode works with real results. You can see that bet 1 won. In default mode bet 2's stake would be 6 units but you can see how this has increased slightly as the cumultiave total has hit a new high.

 1326 4

Last Bet <LB> Mode - Every time you enter <LB> the next bet is calculated according to your initial stake percentage settings. The picture below aims to make this clearer ! You can see that in bet 3 the <LB> string was entered in the horse column text. Bet 4's stake has been calculated as a percentage against the cumulative total. The cumulative total has decreased since the start bank and as such the stake is reflecting this.

1326 3

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