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"90% of People Lose Money Betting. Our Staking Plan, System Analysis and Betting Bot Software will make sure you are not one of those people !"

Easy to Use InterfaceFrom Cumulative Profits to Winning Sequences. View Your Results in easy to understand GraphsAutomated Betting Bot Every Staking Plan Fully Editable

Easy to Use Interface

Developed over the past 6 years. We now have the simplest TSM interface but with more features then ever before

 View Your Results in easy to understand Graphs

From Cumulative Profits to Winning Sequences. From Frequency of Odds to Frequency Distribution

Automated Betting

The Staking Machine has the ability to connect to 3rd Party Software called Gruss Betting Assistant. TSM then becomes a fully fledged automated betting bot

Every Staking Plan Fully Editable

There are over 40 staking plans included in TSM. From low to high risk staking plans. There is a staking plan for everyone

The Staking Machine or TSM for short is a professional sports betting tool. It is a cutting-edge, bet tracking, staking plan and system analysis tool. TSM shows you at a glance which staking plan would be best suited to your chosen selection method.

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Bet Tracker

Analyse Your Results

Automated Betting

  • Record All Your Bets in one place
  • No need for cumbersome spreadsheets
  • Run Multiple Selection Systems
  • Over 40 Staking Plans Included
  • Import/Export Data Features
  • Lightning Fast Calculations
  • Analyse all your historical bets in detail
  • Increase your betting profits
  • Optimise your Staking Plan
  • Avoid Bankruptcy
  • Lower your risk exposure
  • Beat the bookies !
  • Connect to 3rd Party Software called Gruss Betting Assistant.
  • TSM then becomes a fully fledged automated betting bot.
  • Ability to Back or lay selections as per desired Staking Plan.
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Money  TSM includes 41 Staking Plans - One Click is all it takes to switch staking plans and see if you could of increased profits by making a few simple changes. Each Staking Plan is fully Editable. Read More.....
WizardRandom Bet Generator - Generate thousands of Random Bet Data to simulate your own bet selection systems. Read More.....
TSM Monte Carlo Simulations Monte Carlo Simulations - Shuffle your data thousands of times and find out if your results are a one off or can be the general expectation of future results. Is your staking plan high risk or low risk ? The results can be displayed in a frequency distribution graph of cumulative total plotted against frequency. Fantastic resource when used properly. Read More....
Copy paste Copy Paste Import Wizard - The Staking Machine includes an Import Wizard Feature that allows you to import your past data. You can simply copy/paste from Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice. Or you can load CSV/TXT files directly into TSM. Read More....

Parse Racing Index and Napstats Parsing Tool - There are 2 Parsing Tools Accessed From within the Desktop Version of TSM. These allow you to backtest free and paid for tipsters that proof their results via the Racing Index site - www.racing-index.com. You can also parse data from Napstats - http://www.napstats.co.uk. Read More....
SPConvert from SP to BSP and Vice Versa - In TSM we use several quadratic equations to estimate the Betfair SP. Our research has shown this to be over 3 times as accurate. The formulas used take into account over 4000 horse racing tipster selections as recorded in racing-index. Read More....
Filters Apply Filters - The Staking Machine allows you to filter your bet data. You can filter on strings in the Horse/Selection Column aswell as filtering on Odds ranges. Multiple filters can be applied at the same time. Can be an eye opener if you have never looked at this before.

Stats Quick Stats - The Staking Machine displays all your vital statistics on the fly. These include - Total Bets, Total Wins, Strike Rate, Required Strike Rate, Average Odds, Average Win Odds, Expected Losing Sequence (E.L.S.), Standard Deviation, Edge, Current Winning Sequence, Current Losing Sequence, Longest Win Sequence and Longest Losing Sequence. Read More....

The Staking Machine - Must Have Staking Plan, System Analysis and Betting Bot Software

No other software offers as many features as TSM. We are so confident in TSM we offer a Free Trial Version that is limited to 10 bets at any one time.  

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TSMapp (Browser Based)

There are 2 Versions of TSM available. One is the Traditional Desktop Version based on the Windows Operating System. The second is the Browser Based Version of TSM that we call the TSMapp. TSMapp is designed for those users that want TSM available 24/7 on every computer device they use. TSMapp will work in all of the popular desktop browsers (Windows/Mac/Linux) and most Tablets/Mobile Browsers (Minimum Resolution 800x400).

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